Choosing Paint Colors For Home Redecorating

April 19, 2010

Selecting a paint color can be a really tough decision to make when decorating your home. There are so many color choices that you may end up feeling that you will never be able to decide, leaving you frustrated and confused.

When deciding on what color of paint to use for a particular room in your home, start at the beginning. Consider the features or existing finishes in the room such as the cabinets, whether the room consists of tile or brick, etc. For example, If your kitchen cabinets have a red undertone, be sure that you choose a paint color that matches that hue.

You can also choose a color that emphasizes particular architectural features in your home, such as unusual moldings or windows that are arched. Using a contrasting color or painting the surrounding areas with a glossy finish is a good way to bring out these special features. Using a common color palette in each room can create very distinctive spaces by altering the shade and hue with the palette. Considering the color of your carpeting, rugs and furniture when selecting a color for the walls should give you a good idea of what would look great.

Long and narrow rooms will appear to be wider if you use a darker color on the short walls and a lighter color on those that are longer. If you want a ceiling to look higher, apply a light color. To make a large room feel more intimate, consider painting the walls in shades of red, gold, orange or brown. Small rooms appear larger when the walls are painted in shades of blue, green or violet. Keep in mind the fact that some colors look different at various times of the day.

If the room(s) to be painted will also be re-decorated, a good way to choose a paint color is to collect samples of all fabrics, furnishings and flooring that will be in that area. Put these items on a white background to see their true colors. Next use a paint manufacturer’s fan deck and rule out those groups of colors that will not match your samples. Select a few of your favorites and then further narrow it down by choosing the perfect shade.

These tips should give you a very good idea of what to consider when selecting paint colors to use inside your home. Many paint stores will allow you to take small amounts of paint home to use as samples. By painting a small area of the room with this sample paint, you can get a general idea of how the room would look in that particular color.


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