Is it Best to Use a Roller or Sprayer for Interior Painting Projects?

April 26, 2010

Painting the interior of your house is one of the best ways to greatly improve the looks of your home. Not only will your rooms look fresh and clean, but if you choose a color that is trendy and in style, you will make the inside of your home look newer which could increase its value if you decide to sell.

When tackling an interior paint job, you can either roll the paint on or use a paint sprayer.  If you would like to use a sprayer,  you should be aware of the fact that only the highest quality sprayer should be used. Cheap sprayers do not do a good job applying an even layer of paint and they are also prone to spitting paint and clogging. Even if you use a high quality sprayer, it is very easy to miss areas because of the large amount of mist that becomes airborne. You also have to mask off larger areas when spraying, which can take a considerable amount of prep time. What you may save in time with the sprayer will probably be eaten up by having to go back and checking for missed spots as well as having to cover windows and lights with plastic, not to mention the masking  requirements.

If the room that is to be painted is very large, you could most certainly use a good quality sprayer when painting the walls and ceiling – just remember to cover any fireplaces, radiators, light switches etc., with large sheets of plastic. Also, take the time to secure the plastic with tape so that no gaps are visible because the paint mist can very easily get into these areas.

In medium to small sized rooms within your home, it is best to roll the paint on the walls and ceiling because you will achieve a consistent and uniform coating of paint.  Rolling does allow you to apply the paint rather quickly once you get the hang of it.  Be sure to start with the ceiling and roll the paint in the direction of the windows. This is done to make the roller lines less evident when the paint dries. Take care not to put too much paint on your roller because this will cause the paint to go on unevenly. Instead, dip your roller into the paint on just one side, then gently roll it back and forth in the roller pan a couple of times before lifting it up and rolling it on the walls.


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