Neutral Paint Colors vs Vibrant Colors

July 21, 2010

Neutral Paint Colors vs Vibrant Colors- How They Affect the Appearance of a Room

When deciding on the color of paint to use for a room in your home, you have many choices available. The color you choose for a room can be a reflection of your mood, preferences and feelings. In order to choose the right color to use, you do not need to be a painting expert but you should know that neutral paint colors and vibrant colors are very different and should be used in different ways.

Neutral colors are simple and offer a rustic and restful feeling. However, often times neutral colors can get a bit boring and homeowners today are more willing to go with vibrant reds, blues, greens and yellows to give rooms an entirely new image. Be warned though that going overboard and painting each room in your home a rich and vibrant color can end up making your house look like a fast food restaurant! Instead, choose one or two rooms in your home to accent with colors so that they stand out and bring the house to life. Simply put, having too many walls painted in vibrant colors may be distracting and rather jarring.

The idea behind using vibrant colors it to provide color while maintaining the harmony of the room and not to overwhelm the senses. Vibrant colors often do best in rooms that do not have a lot of natural light. On the other hand, a room with many windows often looks nice when painted in a neutral color as the natural light will change the appearance of the room at different times of the day. You can also mix and match neutral and vibrant colors. A dining room for example with two or three windows can be painted using both vibrant and neutral colors by painting three of the walls in a beige or tan for example and the fourth in something more colorful to offer an interesting contrast.

When deciding on a paint color to use, you need to look at the elements in the room that will remain such as carpeting, drapery and furniture. If you have colorful carpeting or furniture for example painting the walls in a vibrant color may not be the best idea as the entire room’s balance can be thrown off, making the room appear to be unsettled and far from relaxing. However, if you choose a neutral paint color that coordinates with the colorful elements in the room, the room will ‘come together’ so to speak in a calming and relaxed way.


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