Paint Quality can Extend the Life of your Painting Project

May 20, 2010

Why is it that some interior paints still have a rich and deep color long after the rooms were repainted while others are scuffed, look worn and are ready for a new layer of paint not long after you applied them? The reason is quite simple – it’s the quality of the paint used.

It is very important that you use the best paint that you can afford when repainting the interior of your home. The best quality paints are designed to give the best, long-lasting results. Top quality paints go on smoother and offer a more uniform appearance and can actually last much longer than cheap paints – often more than twice as long, as a matter of fact. So, in the long haul, they are actually more cost-effective than purchasing and applying inexpensive paint.

A painting chore takes much less time when a high quality paint is used. This is because it goes on with less effort and hides marks better and flows more evenly. This equates to less brushing and rolling and far less re-touching. Also, you normally do not have to add coat after coat of paint in order for it to look good. Good paint spatters less too, which saves in clean-up time.

Applying a good quality paint to interior walls also ensures that less dirt and stains will affect it and the walls are easier to clean when food or other things are splattered on the surface. With cheap paint, you often remove part of the paint when you wipe away a splatter, which often makes the wall look worse than the food stain itself.

Good quality paint consists of a higher proportion of pigments and binders which are called solids. Paint which is made with a high solids content dries thicker which hides better and is much more durable. Latex paints normally have 25 to 40 percent solids by volume while alkyd and oil based paints can consist of more than 50 percent solids. A higher solid paint content is always best.

To put it simply, you should always purchase the best paint you can because good paints contain a higher percentage of better quality ingredients that are very important if you want your paint job to be very durable and long-lasting. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies when it comes to paint. High quality paints have more sheen and color uniformity which means that your paint job will continue to look great for years. When it comes to paint, it definitely pays to invest in the best.


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