Refreshing Your Home with a New Paint Job

April 29, 2010

If your home is not looking its best and could use a fresh coat of paint, the spring months are the ideal time to provide your house with a splash of color. But before grabbing that paintbrush and bucket, be sure that the preparation work is done correctly so that the new paint job will endure for years. Take the time to cover bushes, flowers, etc., with plastic and apply some masking tape to light fixtures, door knobs and other immovable objects. Although doing these things is time consuming, it is worth the effort as clean-up afterwords will be a breeze.

It is very important that you select a high quality exterior house paint to use. There are dozens of types of paints on the market which can make the selection process a bit confusing, but a general rule of thumb is to avoid the cheap, discounted paint because it contains fewer binders. When cheap paint dries it leaves a thin coat which makes it far less resilient and more prone to chipping and cracking. You may very well be faced with having to repaint your entire house again in just a couple of years if you go with the inexpensive paint. On the other hand, a high quality paint will give you much better results which will protect your home and keep it looking nice for many years to come.

Wood siding contracts and expands with changes in the temperature so the paint for this type of exterior must be high quality. Brick is very porous and therefore requires a top quality paint that will permeate the small holes and fissures of each brick to prevent chipping. Metal siding also requires that you use high quality paint that offers superior adhesion. It is best to speak to a paint professional before making your selection as they may suggest using a particular type of paint that is recommended for the environment you live in. Factors such as the degree of temperature extremes or UV exposure that your house is subjected to are taken into consideration when determining the type of paint to use.

Considering what color to use for the exterior of your home, the easiest approach would be to use the same color that your house currently is painted. Going with a lighter or darker color will require that you apply multiple coats in order to hide the original color. It is best too to paint your house a color that blends in with the neighborhood. For example, if most of the homes in your immediate area are painted subtle shades of blue, painting your house pink may not be the best idea.


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