Specialized Epoxy Floor Painting – Ideal for Garages

July 7, 2010

Specialized epoxy floor paint made just for garage floors is what should be used if you wish to have a long-lasting coat of paint on the floor of your garage. Most usually, one coat of epoxy paint will give you a beautiful semi-gloss finish that will last for years to come.

Concerning the type of epoxy paint to use, there are three basic types: One-hundred percent epoxy, solvent-based and water-based. The 100% epoxy paint is costly and hard to work with as it hardens quickly. The solvent-based epoxies are quite hazardous and requires that you wear a respirator to avoid breathing the fumes. The easiest and most convenient is the water-based specialized epoxy paint. You will have to mix up two separate components for this type of paint but there are no harmful fumes to worry about and you can quite easily find this type of paint at any home improvement or hardware store.

This specialized epoxy paint will do a great job of transforming the floor of your garage into something beautiful, clean and durable. A floor covered in epoxy paint can actually make the surface of your garage floor twice as strong as the concrete itself which lies beneath. Not only will you garage floor look nice, it will be protected against heat damage, gasoline, oil, scuffs and daily wear and tear.

Before painting your garage floor, you must be sure to take the time needed to thoroughly clean the floor. You can find heavy duty cleaner/primer solutions at most hardware and paint stores which will clean the concrete as well as cut through the grease and oil that normally accumulates on a garage floor. Most of these solutions are easy to use and require just one application and rinse. For heavily soiled garage floors, you may need to first use a pressure washer or a rented floor scrubber with heavy duty brushes to cut through the grime. If this is the case, be sure to purchase industrial strength cleaners that are normally sold at the rental companies renting out the floor cleaning machines.

Once the floor is cleaned and dried completely, you can now concentrate on applying the epoxy paint. Using a long-handled roller, apply a thin, even coat first. Allow that coat to dry for twenty-four hours before deciding if you wish to apply a second coat. In many instances, one coat is sufficient but if you would like to put on a second, it is fine. It is not however, recommended to apply more than two coats. Avoid walking on the garage floor for at least twenty-four hours and wait several days before driving on it. You may need to do a bit of touching up on the heavy traffic areas every year or so, but for the most part, this paint job should last for years and years.


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