Specialty Painting Projects, Repairs and Cleanup Services

For unique projects, property repairs and unwanted blemishes the professional painting contractors with Jarvis Painting can help. If you want to give your home or business a first class first impression, Jarvis has the perfect finishing touch. Creating custom paints and textures is one of our specialties! We offer many different techniques and textured wall paints such as a suede look, crackle, multi color, stripes, glazing, marbleizing, staining and knock down finishes.

Drywall and Plaster Repairs

Jarvis offers a courteous and professional service for any drywall or plaster repairs. Many older buildings and residences have lathe and plaster walls and ceilings, and we can replaster these existing walls to give a smooth look so there is no need for drywall when the old substrate can be restored to the original look of plaster.

Power Washing

Many people think power washing is an unnecessary step in the painting process. The truth is that power washing the outside of your home can save you from painting later on, which in turn saves you money!

Power washing the outside of your home does a few important things. It removes dirt and any other particles that could interfere with how your new paint adheres to your home, thus making the bond between your house and paint will be stronger. This makes the paint last longer, making it more resistant to heat a moisture.

At Jarvis, we have our own power washers in stock and skilled workers who know how to do the job correctly. Buying a power washer can be very expensive, but by calling Jarvis, we make it affordable and work within your price range. By adding this step to your painting process, the outside of your home will look the way you always wanted it too!

Graffiti Removal – Smoke and Soot Damage

We can cleanup and remove unwanted graffiti from your property. We utilize soda and ice blasting to cleanup and remove unwanted paint, smoke soot and other unwanted residues from your property. Call our painting manager to review your unique property circumstances.

Epoxy Floors

Jarvis epoxy systems protect concrete, steel and other substrates and cure smooth finishes that are potentially stronger than original substrates. Jarvis’s epoxy systems are 100% solid coatings for building worn or damaged substrates and sealing or protecting new or repaired surfaces. Epoxy systems are ideal for guarding against corrosion, erosion, chemical attack, abrasion and wear. Epoxy systems come in a variety of colors, including clear. In addition to the solid colors, add a color fleck, lettering, logos, or striping to enhance your floors. Epoxy systems can be used for residential (garage), commercial, industrial, show rooms and fire stations.

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